Building great LLM-powered products

Most AI startups are competing to beat artificial benchmarks, find the next research breakthrough.

We believe LLMs are already powerful enough to build great products today.

StemAI program

  • $250,000 SAFE investment
  • $350,000 in cloud credits from StemAI partners
  • Frequent checkpoints with world-class AI advisors
  • Access to external funding
  • Summit with advisors and fellow founders, hosted in Paris

Dedicated advisors

Get ongoing help from world-class advisors, with experience building successful LLM and ML-powered products with millions of daily users.

Users don't care how the sausage is made, so getting the right guidance on product and UX can make or break your product.

Strong community

Our goal is to build a strong community of people laser-focused on bringing AI-powered products to a global audience.

No buzzwords, no philosophical BS, you'll meet the people building truly useful products today.

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